Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

We tried to build the store with services and facilities so that you can easily find and purchase your desired product. The store features primarily emerging needs during the personal shopping, and in addition, we tried to help you with your purchase with some other ideas. In order to help you choose the best product for your needs, we try to give you the most possible suggestions and information about the selected product.


Information about the products is available in the store even without placing an order. Specifying your personal information in this case, is not required. You can select products during browsing, without registering and the products that you selected will be placed in temporary cart, and after you register by entering the required personal information, these items can be ordered immediately without the need to select them again, after login. For viewing the products, a multi -level menu structure is provided. The main page has links to help select groups of major products, within which are included in other subgroups. Click a product group to get detailed product list. Here you can choose among the products and get to the detailed information page of the product, which has photos and also detailed technical description displayed .At the bottom of the page the price can be found and you can take the product in your cart..

If you would like to view other products, you can find on every page of the store manager keys to browse more.

Search options

* With the Quick Searchfunction we want help you in your purchase or the selection the items, by using a keyword or a familiar pattern ,that can be set to be searched for in the identification of products or detailed information page of the product
* With the Advanced Search function you can search up to a much wider range according to the product specification, manufacturers name or according to a specified spending limit.


You can place an order only after valid personal information has been given. The information is to be filled-out appropriately. Of course, you can specify a different delivery and billing address, so you can send gifts from our store. It is possible to put the desired products in your cart before or after providing the personal information. From there, click on the PURCHASE button for the payment to go step by step. You can choose the payment and delivery method. The system automatically calculates the delivery fee for addresses in Budapest, if you wish to order for locations outside Budapest city please contact our customer service (+36-30-609-0945) before placing your order.


The data contained herein is delivered to us through your unencrypted connection, however after filling-in the forms they will not get in the wrong hands. Only staff with appropriate privileges in our store, or the person (s ) who has(have) been given the access code by you, can see this information. Therefore, please take care of the password we sent to you, do not send it on. Use a secure data transfer when reading or downloading your emails.